Sunday, 13 May 2012

upgade weapon +9 in Boomz BM 3.0

Here some tips for +9 in Boomz BM 3.0

i got this tip from my friends and he say :
"+9 : Synthesis IV until success then make it fail 2 times . Then 3es3 ( fail ) 3es5+25% wait 10 second (depend on our luck but i make it 6 time with different character success )"

but I change my steps a bit, because I do not have enough goods
you guys can follow my friend step  or my step.

This is my video :

P/s : remember, wait 10 second before +9. sorry if this did not become, you can share your step with me here, TQ

Why I use es3 ? because es3 is easy to find and has it own ability and it own label . If u want to fortify , make sure that time is silent . BOOMZ 3.0 make 2x easy to Fortify . GOOD LUCK :)

Don't forget to follow me and tell all ur friend about this . Before fortify make sure u have extra es5 set . Prepare at least 3 sets of es5 ! I repeat prepare at least 3 es5 !